2016 Dubach Racing Sponsorship


Dubach Racing is proud to announce the opening of their 2016 Sponsorship season.


Join our rider support and get great deals on the DR.D Brand. As a rider support for the twenty sixteen season you can take your skills to the next level attending a DR.D riding school taught by Doug Dubach with a special discount only offered to the 2016 season sponsored riders.


Dubach Racing will be accepting resumes starting now through December 31st. Motocross and ATV riders of all levels are encouraged to apply to become part of the DR.D’s 2016 support riders.


DR.D is looking for qualified racers who will be ambassadors to the company, help provide feedback on products, and present themselves in a professional manner on and off the race track. Get your resume ready and send it in!


We are going green, so for the 2016 season all resumes need to be submitted one of two ways:


Resumes can be submitted direct through email to rider.support@dubachracing.com


We have also partnered with Hook-it so you can also apply at http://www.hookit.com


We hope to see you at the races.