Behind the Scenes: Honda 2010 CRF250 Testing

With the release of our new 2010 Honda CRF250 system, we wanted to show you a few shots we took at Glen Helen of DRD owner/test rider Doug Dubach testing the New CRF system. By the time everyone’s seen the new bike’s the first time in the magazine’s we’ve already put countless testing hours on the bikes with our DRD exhaust. Whenever we release a new DRD exhaust system it goes through extensive testing on the track and in the dyno room to meet Doug Dubach’s standards. It all starts with the bike right out of the box and a stock exhaust, we test on the track and on the dyno to see where we can improve and make it better. Sometimes the bike with a stock exhaust will be a little dead on bottom but have great power thru mid and top, or maybe it could be great response on bottom but flatten out too quick on top end power. Our Goal is to enhance the stock system by improving the bad areas and making the good, even better.  We have always said, “If it passes Dubach’s test, it will pass yours”!


Doug is old school and still writes his testing notes on paper
After each test Doug puts all the pros and cons into his computer


Dubach swapping the mid-pipe between rides
Here Doug is swapping the mid-pipe, you want to do your test with little time between to avoid track changes and other variables
Man, where did I put that bolt?
Man, where did I put that bolt?