DR.D & Denaye Giroux 2011 Womens Western Canadian Outdoor National Champion


The DR.D, Yamalube, Schrader’s SMX Racing Team took its first number 1 National plate with Denaye Giroux being crowned the Women’s National West champion.  “We couldn’t be more excited for Denaye,” said owner/manager Jackie Maffenbeier.  “Denaye has trained hard and after last seasons disappointment, wasn’t going to settle for anything but number 1.” The Yamaha 250F and Dunlop tires helped turn a sloppy track into a choice couple of motos. Hooking up with two holeshots and the SSS suspension working perfectly through the deep and long ruts, helped to propel Denaye to two moto wins for first overall on the day and clinching the number 1 Women’s West National Championship. Denaye heads down to Colorado to run her first AMA race of the season. Denaye will be trying to bring home the Canadian Women’s National Championship this August in Walton when she meets up with the Eastern ladies.