DR.D Rider Bobby Garrison Racer X Interview

So Bobby, 3rd at round one in Taft, 1-1 sweep round two at Primm and now the points lead. What is going on?
Bobby Garrison: I just feel really good about my program. I am comfortable on the bike and Robbie, my trainer, has me on a great program and I have been training really hard . But when I take a step back, it’s my whole program, family and friends, my equipment, being healthy, everything is great!

How did the race unfold at Primm?
The first race of the weekend began with a dead engine start where I was able to quickly fire my bike and get off of the line around 3rd place. I made my way to second and was battling with Taylor Robert for the lead. Around the 2nd lap, I was able to make my way into first. Once I was in front of the pack I worked hard to put a gap on everyone while staying consistent. I finished the race with about a 10 second gap.

On Sunday the race started off well with first gate pick, a bike that quickly fired again and around a 5th place start. I battled my way up to 3rd when leaving the moto track, unfortunately, a few minutes into the race I slid out and was dodging the rest of the pack as they were racing straight toward me, leaving me somewhere around 15th. I spent the next 2 laps working my way to the front, hoping that the leaders were not checking out too far. Once in 5th position I battled with Brown, Casellli and Summers before finding myself right behind the leader.

It was near the end of the race and I was down by a few seconds but once again I was able to make the move by Robert and capture the lead. I was extremely happy to finish the race with a 1-1 and step up to the top of the box, a place that I haven’t been in a long time and it feels great.

Congratulations on your 1st place finish. You stated it’s been a long time since your last win, how long has it been?
It’s been over 2 years. From my perspective giving 100% but not being 100% healthy, 2 years seems like 200 hundred years.     

So as a Privateer, who is behind your program? Do you have any Factory support?
Well, that is the most dynamic part of my success, my program. It is literally the people who have been closest to me for the last several years and companies who I have had lasting relationships with. Without them I would not be here talking to you about winning Primm and leading the series. This is the result of an effort which began the first week of January 2011, which further indicates what impact surrounding yourself with good people can have. To answer your second question, No, I do not have any factory parts or support, this is all the effort of my team and who I would certainly like to thank.  

My success would not be possible without, L2R (Larry Laye Racing), my trainer Robbie Altizer, O’Neal, AP Brakes, LA Sleeve, Northland Motorsports, Dr. D, Precision Concepts, Nazaroff Maintenance, Maxxis, GPR, AME Grips, EKS Brand, Dirt Tricks, ZipTy, emex, berm cannon, my parents, and Lyssa.

I would also like to add that the team is ambitious to continue building additional relationships in the 2011 season. Inquiries can be sent to me directly: bobbyg928@hotmail.com

Great talking to you Bobby and good luck on continued success.
Thank you very much.