DR.D Riders Invade 2 Stroke World Championship

Fulltime DR.D riders Austen Howell, Bobby Garrison, and of course the “Doctor” Doug Dubach showed the entire field how to get around the Glen Helen track at this year’s MTA 2 Stroke World Championship. Howell #2 would go on to win in a very dominating 1-1 fashion, Garrison would take second with a hard fought 2-2 and Dubach would tie for third in points with Ryan Hughes.    

Doctor D is the king of the one-off Championships—having won the World Veteran Championship, World Four-Stroke Championship and last year’s Vet World Cup at the USGP. But, Doug Dubach won’t be adding the World Two-Stroke title to his resume this year. Dubach holeshot both motos, but never found his rhythm in the early parts of the race and quickly fell victim to Howell, Garrison and Hughes. Doug’s bike was equipped with a DR.D two-stroke pipe—a first (actually, the only one at the moment).