DR.D’s Blackfoot Yamaha Dominates Again !


After an incredible get-off while leading the 1st MX-1 moto in Calgary, Canadian Champion Colton Facciotti was a questionable start to this weekend’s event. After a visit to his doctor later in the week, Colt was cleared to race, albeit it seemed like a long shot. In an incredible feat of heart and desire Facciotti did not leave any scraps for the competition though as he completely dominated both moto’s with a clean sweep going 1-1. Meanwhile his team-mate Klatt was in the runnerup position finishing 2-2 to give the team a 1-2 punch before the series takes a 3 week break. In the MX-2 class Team Yamaha Red Bull Fox Racings Tyler Medaglia continued to focus on maintaining his 17 points over Teddy Maier.