DR.D 2010 CRF250 Exhaust System

A ‘Single’ minded approach

Norco, CA. (November 24, 2009) – After extensive track testing by Doug Dubach, DR.D has released the 2010 CRF250 exhaust system. DR.D always resisted the fad that was the dual exhaust on past year CRF250 so they had a development advantage when Honda switched back to a conventional single system.

Doug “Doctor D” Dubach’s unequalled testing, unmatched development provide racers an exhaust like no other. The only owner, racer, Factory test rider in the aftermarket exhaust world, trust the man who relies on his own products to win races.

The DRD single-sided system offers considerable power gains, easier repacking and is over 2lbs lighter than the CRF exhaust and meets AMA 94dB requirements.

The new DR.D SS/AL is a must-have for 2010 CRF250 racers, the Ti/Ti system retails for $869.99 the Ti/CF retails for $919.95, the SS/AL retails for $619.99 all are available today and can be purchased on-line at www.dubachracing.com or by visiting stocking DRD dealerships nationwide.

• Removable end cap allows for the option of a spark arrestor screen or quiet core
• Power increase throughout powerband (bottom, mid, top)
• Inlet cap bolts allow for easy re-pack
• 4lbs 11oz: Ti/Ti: The Lightest Full System Available (over 2lbs lighter than stock)
• Welded construction for reduced weight (no springs)
• Lightweight Magnesium end cap

• #7041
• $619.99

• All pipes are personally track tested by Doug Dubach, a 25-year Yamaha test rider
• Dubach has more experience and places greater effort with track testing than any other exhaust company.
• Dubach racing career includes 4x Four-Stroke World Champion, 17x Vet Champion, 4x Loretta Lynn Champion and a Supercross Main Event win in San Jose, CA.
• DRD pipes are built to not only perform on the track but provide exceptional durability and reliability to exceed customer expectations.