DR.D “DualDsign” Rhino System

Development, Durability shine with new “D” shaped twin exhaust

Norco, CA. (December 2, 2009) – Dubach Racing Development (DRD) test riders Dustin Nelson and Doug Dubach offer the DR.D “Dual Dsign” exhaust that proudly are displayed on their personal Rhinos. Tested and designed with increased power and superior durability as focal development areas, the DRD “DualDsign” Rhino system can be appreciated by casual pit riders, dune aficionados and aggressive off-road explorers alike.

Increased power and performance comes by way of the industries only “true” dual equal length exhaust system. The Rhino twin exhaust ports enable the DualDsign system a balanced exhaust flow throughout independent head pipes and mufflers. The result; increased overall power and, importantly, improved durability as the heat is displaced across two systems.

Rhino customers tend to push the machine to its performance limits; naturally, durability tops customers ‘must-have’s’ lists. The Yamaha Rhino utilizes rubber engine mounts to reduce stress when accelerating, allowing the engine to shift slightly within the chassis. To match the engine movement, the DualDsign features unique rubber-mounts moving in unison with the motor reducing stress and increasing durability. And when it’s time for maintenance or repacking, Rhino customers will appreciate the convenience of the DRD DualDsign, the entire system can be removed and/or repacked without removing the tailgate or most aftermarket rollcages, just loosen two bolts and remove the silencers to repack.

• True equal length dual exhaust system
• Durability, Dual system
• Rubber Mounted:
• Two ports, two cans, even distribution of heat:
• Simple Repacking
• Stainless Steel/Aluminum Construction
• All brackets billet aluminum

• Model: 2008-2009 Rhino 700
• Part Number: 1253
• Retail Price $799.95