Reviews: DRD Crash Damage Program

What happens when you bust that big-ticket aftermarket four-stroke exhaust? Purchasing another is going to bust the bank account, but there’s little else a rider can do if the damage is significant – unless it’s an exhaust from Dubach Racing Development. The DRD Crash Damage Repair Program allows for a customer to send the pipe in for inspection, repairs and upgrades instead of biting the bullet and ordering a new exhaust. If the pipe is damaged beyond repair, Dubach Racing offers a discount for a replacement. All-in-all it’s a pretty sweet deal. We recently had an opportunity to take advantage of this extra level of customer service.

Dubach Racing offers a slew of replacement parts, but components like the main canister and perforated core are not available for purchase. As DRD’s Mark Tilley explains, an incident that damages the pipe to such an extent may jeopardize the structural integrity of the pipe. Also, DRD mufflers use removable bolts at the inlet for easy access and smooth repacking/maintenance, but use rivets at the outlet. If a customer were to make a mistake during the installation it could damage the pipe. The crew at DRD knows this can be a major hassle, and the California-based performance company wants to make sure riders who use its products are able to keep their exhausts in good working order.

One of our staff members purchased a used bike and the pipe that came on our 2008 Yamaha YZ250F was the high-end DRD Titanium Exhaust System with Carbon Race Silencer. The muffler was due for a repacking but we put a few rides on it anyway. A bit of tweaking from minor crashes combined with an oversized rear tire escalated our worries much higher than a bit of new fiberglass. The inside of the muffler broke and blew out a massive chunk, rendering our exhaust useless. Aside from the damaged canister, the rest of the pipe looked fine so we called DRD to order a replacement. It was disappointing to find out that isn’t possible, but with the Crash Damage Program it worked out even better in the long run. Not only were they able to install a new can, but it was done properly by trained technicians with heat silicone, fresh packing and they were able to verify the midpipe wasn’t bent to avoid having a repeat incident. They also cleaned up the midpipe and put on a new end cap while they were at it. Turnaround time was roughly one week.

Of course, we love the super-sexy look and light weight that carbon and titanium provide, but when we purchased the bike it was for mixed use instead of motocross. This bike is going to see cross-country races and trail rides, so we need the ability to run a spark arrestor and obviously a bit more durability wouldn’t hurt either. We opted to “downgrade” to the aluminum canister for its welded construction, magnesium end cap, spark arrestor compatibility and stepped perforated core. Not only did our pipe get fixed, but improved as well. It suits our needs perfectly, but someone could opt to go the other way and get the lighter, flashier materials.

Dubach Racing wants to protect the integrity of its products, the safety of its customers and the strength of its reputation. The Crash Damage Program is a valuable resource for riders and ensures they don’t need to look at other pipe brands to find a replacement. Contact DRD for information about your specific pipe.