Q & A With DR.D Rider Chris Howell About Seattle Supercross

Q&A Chris Howell

Q: How was it making your first Supercross Main Event?

A: It was very exciting kind of nerve raking but definitely worth every minute of it. I have been working really hard since being down in southern California for the first rounds of the series. I am happy to give a little back to all my sponsors that have given me so much and without them none of this would be possible.

Q: How were the track conditions?

A: That track was the GNARLIEST track I have ever ridden indoors or outdoors, the ruts were everywhere, corners, faces of jumps and even on the straightaway’s! It was a safe track in design but the conditions made it very tuff. Going into the whoops I had to pin-it praying I wouldn’t get stuck half way through, feet off the pegs throttle wide open was my line choice late in the race.

Q: You also made a TV appearance this last week tell me about that?

A: That was very cool! People from my hometown have not stopped calling me since it aired. It was a last minute deal; we had no time to review the questions the host was going to ask so I apologize to the listeners if I sounded a bit hesitant. I have never been that nervous in my life, riding a motorcycle in front of thousands of people is a cake walk compared to being interviewed on TV.   

Q: With supercross coming to a close what are your plans for the remainder of the year?

A: I will be attending the last round of supecross and then getting ready for a full assault on the outdoor nationals this summer. I will be riding a Yamaha YZ450 during the outdoor season so I know strength training is going to be key in preparation.