“R-U-Rich?” DR.D Offers Free Jetting Assistance At Mammoth MX



DR.D Offers Free Jetting Assistance At Mammoth MX


Norco, CA. (June 1, 2011) – “Are You Rich?” Heading to Mammoth Mountain for the annual Mammoth Motocross June 16th – 26th? At over 8000 feet in elevation, racers are encouraged to bring their race bikes to the DR.D pit area and have their jetting tested with a specifically built Lambda machine. You will receive jetting and mapping advice from 18-time World Vet Champion Doug Dubach and his staff.


Whether carbureted or fuel injected, DR.D’s “Are You Rich” service will provide valuable information to all racers. “Are You Rich” is a complimentary service provided by DR.D that enables racers to test their jetting and develop the best set up possible for their race bike. Your bike will thank you on the long uphill and around the John Miller Tree Turn!


Dubach Racing Development testing/developing headquarters will be located at the beginning of vender row near the bus drop and across from t-shirt vender.